About Mononot
A presentation

After many years in different bands, Per Broberg started making music the way he wanted it to sound with the instrument closes to his heart; the analog synthesizer. A collection of old relics took some years to build up along with an old-school studio with springreverbs and tapeechoes.

The name Mononot is a mixture of the old "mono not stereo", "monophonic" and "monoton" - something this genre of music has occationally been accused of.

The debutalbum "Electronic weekend" - released in the autumn of 2011 - is the result of many years of planning, writing, recording and mixing. The album reveals, almost like a manifesto, a 70's soundscape and aesthetics of Düsseldorfian measure. In "This is music" Mononot proclaims "the machinepark is our playground" - which to some extent reveals the view on electronics; it's a part of the band with its own features and faults. Faults which more than occationally sets the tone for the the song and thus makes a huge impact on the sound of Mononot.

It is available as digital download from all major sites and can be ordered on CD from Electronic obsession.

The track "Back to back" was released as a single with four accompanying remixes in April 2012.

More is to come...


Back To Back - remixes (Single 2012)

Electronic weekend (Album 2011)

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Memento Materia Powerspot #9 (Compilation 2002)

With Dawn of Oblivion

Angel Child (Compilation 1995)

One From Four (Compilation 1994)

A Fervent Prayer (Album 1994)

Kompakt Kraft (Compilation 1994)

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